The Process & Criteria:

Are you confident that your company is the most capable player in its niche? Does your company adhere to strong business values and practices ethical corporate rules? If you said yes to these questions, you business has a great chance to establish it self as a global player by winning the prestigious World’s Most Admired Companies Award. Give your business this great chance by completing the nomination process, as described below:

Which Companies Can Nominate?

  1. Any company, regardless of its turnover or the number of employees, can participate in this award by filling the nomination form. We welcome startups as well as the famous business firms. Business across the world can register themselves for this prestigious award, since we only put stress on honoring and recognizing the best players in different business niches, irrespective of their industry sector or annual turnover. Our main idea is to permit companies to share their story and get the attention and respect they deserve. For this reason, we have categorized the companies in so many segments. By doing this we are able to give every business a good chance to take home the award.
  2. We welcome B2B nominations as well. So in case you are linked to any business that you think deserves to participate in our award, we encourage you to register that business’s name. However, we request you to inform the business you are registering about our nomination procedure as to avoid any sort of conflict or confusion in the later stages of the selection process.

Every nomination form must be filled accurately, completely, and truthfully. Our research team will perform the initial screening process, so it is necessary that every detail is filled correctly. After the screening process, the shortlisted businesses will be rated by our panel of judges. They will then declare the final winners.

Nomination Process:

Nomination to the World’s Most Admired Companies is absolutely free. It won’t cost you a dime. All you have to do to nominate yourself is fill the nomination form on the website and provide the relevant details.

In case you win this highly prestigious award, you will have to pay a nominal fee of $1000 to cover registration and logo usage rights fee cost. After you pay the fee, you will have the right to use the logo for one full year. The fee charged also includes the research cost and evaluation process cost. Both these processes are extremely necessary to win the most deserving winner.

Important Note: The award provides its winners to use the logo across social media, corporate websites, TV & Newspaper Ads, Banners, Brochures, packaging, etc. By doing so they will be able to show everyone their achievement and enjoy the pride that comes from winning such a prestigious and highly-respected award.

Winner’s Registration Process?

In order to register and participate, all the winners must fill & submit the registration e- form via logging in on our website & make the payment of the registration fee through electronic bank transfer. The registration & the Logo usage rights fee for one year has been fixed by the jury for US $ 1,000 (One Thousand US Dollars).
Payment of registration fee is mandatory for all winners without exception. The fee charged includes the cost of the research & evaluation process conducted in order to select the companies and this contribution made by you empower us to carry on this process and give you the most trusted companies from all across the globe each year.

Please login via this link for completing & submitting your registration e- form. For making the payment please refer to the following bank details: The Wire Transfer is to be made in favour of “INTERNATIONAL BRAND CONSULTING CORPORATION”, Bank of America A/c No.: 381044490735, Wire Transfer Routing No.: 026009593, Swift Code: BOFAUS3N, Bank Branch: Bank of America, 6356, Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620, USA.

Please Note: The registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The winners will be notified in due time to complete the registration formalities.

Carefully Read the Following Information Before Submitting Nomination Form

  1. International Brand Consulting Corporation invites nominations through emails and social media advertising.
  2. Companies and organizations need to have a valid authentic registration in their own country or any other country in which they are operating and need to have business operations in their own country or across any country or geography.
  3. The nomination form needs to be filled in English language and the information needs to be carefully reviewed and verified to avoid any grammatical or language errors.
  4. Companies are advised to go through all the instructions and selection process parameters thoroughly so as to comply with the entire procedure of selection for the Awards programme. This will enable them to qualify for the IBC Research Team and Special Jury level evaluation process without any hassles.
  5. Honest, relevant, precise and accurate information needs to be provided on the nomination form.
  6. Any subject matter or information outside the scope of evaluation needs to be avoided and need not be included in the nomination form.
  7. Any incorrect information or mis-interpretation will be liable for rejection and disqualification of nomination during the scrutiny process.