Selection Process

World’s Most Admired Companies Award gives companies, regardless of their size or turnover, a great opportunity to showcase their success and share their journey with a global audience. If your company strives for perfection, has the potential to make a name for it self, and support the societal and economic developments, this is exactly the place you need to participate in. We will help you win the recognition your company deserves and take your company to the next level. If your business has a unique and holistic vision and seamless operations capability, you should get your name nominated for this prestigious award without hem or haw.

We strive to give the deserving companies the recognition they deserve and help them win unprecedented fame. Our selection process is fully transparent, so that all participating can rest easy knowing they will be treated fairly and squarely. We understand it takes a lot of hard work to achieve what you have achieved so far and through this renowned platform you have the opportunity to share your story with the world.

Here’s our selection process for this prestigious award:

Nomination Process- Stage 1:

You can start the process by filling and submitting the nomination form (Don’t forget to check the nomination criteria under Nomination section). You can nominate your company by filling this form on our website. We also allow third-parties and business associates to nominate companies on their behalf. So if you know a company that you think deserves to be a part of this prestigious award, you can nominate without hesitation.

Initial Screening Process- Stage 2:

After you complete the nomination form and submit it to us, our team of trained and experienced professionals will analyze your nomination form to make sure that all the necessary details have been provided and correctly filled. Our team will also categorize every business under the correct category according to their business niche. All qualified nomination forms will then enter the next phase of evaluation.

Evaluation Process- Stage 3:

Our research team will judge every applicant on a set of parameters and for this reason this stage is also referred as the “Decisive Stage.” Highly-experienced professional carry out this process and the evaluation is done on a number of parameters of product evaluation, business excellence, financial stability, services enhancement, workplace culture, employee retention, business operations, management leadership, innovation, leadership quality, and economic and social responsibility.
Each applicant will be judged on these parameters and scored on a scale of 1-10. The judging criteria will include all information that you have shared in the nomination form and research & analysis done by our prestigious research team. On the basis of the ratings scored here, companies will be awarded the overall rating, which is also known as “Research Team Overall Rating”.

Jury Scoring- Stage 4:

Applicants now have just one more threshold to pass. At this stage, our selected panel of experienced corporate personalities will review the shortlisted companies and score them on a scale of 1 to 10. These jury members come from various fields, including, but not limited to, Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, Global Relations, and International Business. The rating secured by the companies will decide their destiny.

Final Stage- Stage 5:

The cumulative score of the IBC Research Team and Expert Panel will be taken into account to finalize the list of winners. World’s Most Admired Companies Award is given to the most deserving candidate on the basis of their overall score.
Note: An applicant must achieve a score above 7 to stay in contention for the award. The decision made by our jury and the research team is final and irrevocable. No applicant can question their decision.